Acting / Plays

Lyfe's powerful theater performances are audience favorites across the country. He brings to life narratives surrounding struggle and resilience in a unique way. 

A review from Seattle Weekly read 

"He may one day take over Mos Def's mantle as Hip-Hop's poet laureate."

One example would be his work in "Pistols and Prayers"

Pistols & Prayers is a Spoken Word Hip-Hop Theater piece written and performed by nationally renowned artist and educator Ise Lyfe (HBO Def Poety Jam, Huffington Post).

Premiering at the Tony Award Winning Berkeley Repertory Theatre to a sold out audience before going on to sellout theaters in cities nationwide, this show is a proven hit.

Pistols & Prayers" brings together on one stage Spoken Word, African-American Folk Spirituals, Classical Music, Hip-Hop, and theater to address American apathy and resilience through the lens of the generation born into the 1980's/1990's crack epidemic. A powerful collage of thought provoking sociopolitical commentary, blended with a glimpse into the author's coming of age as a man, Artist, and advocate for social change.

This play evokes both laughter and tears as it both challenges and inspires audiences across the country.