Obama's Reelection: Black People Too Happy, White People Too Mad...

Just a little over a month has gone by since Barack Obama's reelection, and as I stepped out of my house this morning and took in a deep breath, the American air is as rich as ever with predetermined opinions and objections, along with both blind rejection and support of America's endearingly large eared leader. 

Let me admit off the bat that the title of this article is totally polarizing and a sweeping generalization. Many white people in this country are not too mad that Barack Obama was re-elected. After all, 39 percent of voting white people voted for him in this past November's election. And contrary to popular belief, there are actually some black people that disagree that Obama is the best man for the job, and either voted against him or not at all because of that feeling.

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The Most Important Thing I've Ever Done Had Nothing to Do With Me

The most important thing I've ever done had nothing to do with me, and honestly and humbly, I have done my share of important things.

That's the way it goes though doesn't it? Grow up, choose something to do, and do it so well that people will see it as important. Especially you, yourself -- you definitely better see yourself as important. Lucky for you, if you don't see yourself as important our society has been inventive and has (d)evolved with new ways and tools to be important or at least feel important. There was the Stone Ages, Dark Ages, Golden Ages, and now the epic Self-Important Ages!

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Will 'Bad Bitch @ Instagram 2014-2020' Fit On a Resume?

Iesha Marie, a popular eye point on Instagram, tweets: "Bad bitches get the best view..." She's gorgeous. Her body is full-grown, and aside from what I assume are breast implants her beauty is relatively natural and casual. 

If she has any level of intellect, any knowledge of herself being more than a "bad bitch" -- it is not exemplified on her several hundred posts on the internet. Men and women drape her with dozens of "compliments" for any image she puts up.

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Purpose: What's Missing in Education

Most people in college and high school can't read. Can they read a book? Yeah, most of them... But they lack another essential piece of human development. Most young people are socially illiterate. They are unable to read the world around them, see themselves in relation to that world, and speak back to that world in a way that is unique and integrated.

Health care is the headline of the day after the Supreme Court's ruling on Obamacare last week. Undoubtedly majorly important, but there have been two recent developments on the education front that should not be overlooked: The Obama Administration halting the deportation of 800,000 undocumented people brought to the U.S. as children, and its granting of waivers for the No Child Left behind education law to five states. HUGE.

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