17 things men think/don't say/but wish women understood


17 things men wish women knew

by Ise Lyfe
I think is a proper reflection of the general man psyche……

Sex does not mean I like you…

2. Me wanting to have sex does not mean I don’t really like you. I may very well be interested in building into a solid monogamous partnership with you. That, I’ll decide on over time after much observation. However,
I’m positive right now that I’d sleep with you.

3. You cannot trick me into being your boyfriend- ever.

4. I may be not committing to you because I’m your typical self centered guy OR, you might just be wack and unappealing to my senses…

5. I’ve been hurt too. 

6. I need to feel powerful and dignified

7. If you put me down, nag me, or yell-
I will retreat in some fashion.

8. I
cheat because ejaculation feels good.

9. If I’m between 16-30 years old, the LAST thing on my mind is being married. And if it is on my mind I’ll screw it up anyway so stay clear of that matter all the way.

. I do listen……until its boring…

11. If I have not reached the professional status I desire I will not feel adequate and there is nothing you can do to fix that. I do need your support though.

12. Tread lightly when I’m insecure about something.  And never say
“you’re insecure”.

Porn is a gift from the universe that I may not ever want to talk to you about. If I do talk to you about it that’s a gift to so be appreciative!

Sex will never keep me- ever.

Words mean nothing to me. Actions scream. So if you tell me you’re done with me but you still uphold the same interactions that were occurring when we were “together”, I don’t believe you.

16. Changing your hairstyle and clothing frequently
excites me.

17. Not appreciating me will become a cancer to our relationship and I will leave you mentally followed by physically without announcing either.