Excerpt from "Tail Wind" from Slave R3volt Coming December 2013


But then again
I’m fresh bck from Berlin
Doing shit they never did going where they never been
You gotta love it straight out the republic
Never sold crack
But made my stacks selling substance
Books and albums or I slaughter the theatre
Never went to college graduation class speaker though

'Ello ladies I'm out in Lundun'
Writing in my rhyme book thinking bout my Mum
And how back in Oakland I’m hated on by bums
While i take it worldwide like Krs one

Early morning rising counting blessings in the am
By the way did i mention this ensemble I’m filleting
Clearly I’m not playing
Word to ya mama
Spit it straight no mercy long verses no commas

Genius in the age a nitwits and dimwits
Like a clogged toilet cousin I don’t take no shit