Happy New Year from the Mexican Pacific! Falling is Flying.

Happy New Year from the Mexican Pacific!

I’m down in Mexico for the New Year and both the beauty and struggle here are vibrant and thought provoking. In solidarity with the mighty yet marginalized people of the earth, I am hopeful and in sincere belief of a brighter day for us all. 
In my short life thus far, most things pertaining to life remain a mystery. If there is one thing I have experienced and am certain of though, it’s that the richest treasures of life are discovered when we go into the unknown with faith that all that we desire and want will be fulfilled if we just go for it!
Almost every moment in my life that I list as a great accomplishment or moment began as just some idea or “impossible” invisible thing that through commitment and willingness to be a little “crazy” became real. 
There is a saying, “Leap and the net will appear”. This is true. 
I am of course not advocating for senseless diving into an idea or endeavour without  some understanding of what you’re getting yourself into- but I am saying to go for whatever those big ideas you have in your head are. Dreaming should not just be some trivial hobby, it should be the the beginnings of the actual moments to come in our life that will bring us joy and a sense of accomplishment.
So in this New Year I am wishing for us all that we write those books, start those families, build those businesses, get those haircuts, go to those gyms, take those trips, stop those habits, start those habits, paint those pictures, reunite those friendships, form those groups, say those words, let go of those things, build those things, face those fears, and live those lives we all see and want for ourselves. 
Just leap! Falling is flying.
Happy New Year!
One Perfect Love,
ise m. lyfe