i think i might have inhaled you


I think I might have inhaled you
I feel you behind my eyes dancing in a reddish purple smoke screen
You are a welcomed cloud in my chest
Swarming without warning

I sweat you in my sleep
Soaking you in my sheets

I think I might’ve inhaled you

Opened my mouth to smile at you and you climbed in
Turning me insight out and outside in
I inhaled you
Feminine twin to my masculine

Exhale you out to gasp you back in


Missing you when you are away I lay in your clothes
I shower and write your name in the steam and smoke

I think I might’ve inhaled you: Sedated
Behind you naked
I breathe you

I breathe in your neck and blow out your back
High off your contact, I’ve inhaled you for sure

In this moment you’re gone
A man’s heart goes up and down when you see what I saw

You’re behind my eyes