Memorializing #MALCOLMX on Memorial Day
As the nation honors soldiers that have passed away in honor of their country- it is only fitting that we pause and honor Malcolm X, undeniably a man that fought for his people and aimed to better America and defend the Human Rights of all people. In the line of that duty, Malcolm was gunned down. He is a fallen soldier, General at that, in a domestic war that was waged on Black people in a segregated America that lynched innocent Black people and bombed churches killing little girls. Malcolm X was a soldier on the front lines. He held is post with unflinching dignity, bravery, and compassion. I created this Conceptual Art piece titled Memorialize to honor Malcolm X and his brave service on behalf of Black America and America as a whole. #malcolmx #weekofmalcolm #iselyfe #conceptualart #fallensoldiers #americanheroes #blackheroes #memorialday