Save artistic freedom! :)

I’m in a debate w someone right now about a track to be cut from my upcoming record, Slave R3volt. There’s an issue with my word choice and situation I’m telling as I’m painting the picture in a song titled “True Story” We’ve agreed to leave it to ya’ll. Verse in/or out?

True story:

Adored by classy women and rare whores/Crazy encounters when I perform/Prostitutes in the audience- after the show I’m signing merchandise crowd swarmin in/Pretty girl with forever eyes/walk to the table shy and apologize- “Sorry I don’t mean to be rude-but I read your book in county jail can I take a picture w you”
Of course I said of course/wondering what her fine *** was locked up for
Just then she lean in start whisperin’: “I was arrested for soliciting”
Her sassy interrupted by teary eyes
Gave her a hug and for the second time she apologize
I said why you apologizing
She said “for being random and hella crying”
Couple folks was starting to stare though
I get a little uncomfortable but try to not let it show
She said bye and walked off
Next person walk up for an autograph and a photo opp
And then another and another
"Can you sign this please and make it out to my brother?"
Flattered I oblige
A little distracted though thinking of forever eyes
We pack up and hit the car garage
Great show great night lots of applause

Look up and there’s forever eyes leaning on a honda
"A guy like you wouldn’t go out with a girl like me huh?"