Spoils of victory, casualty of war

Wish you’d fight for me as hard as you wanna fight me
Love me more than you like me
So if I do shit you don’t like you’re beside me
Cause our love is bigger than what u weren’t liking

You love me/or your idea of me
You won’t see

Til I’m gone in the wind bending corners in the rain
You’ll remember me and it’ll sting your brain
But I’m dead to you you’ll never see me again
You’ll wish I was still on your nerves so you could feel me again
You’ll wish I was still on your nerves so you could feel me again

I pray I’m  clear enough for you to feel me
You want to keep throwing blows or work  on healing?
Express  your attitude or your feelings?
Why do we obstruct our view of heaven w these low ceilings?

And to your credit, I made missteps
On the course of doing right I made a few lefts
Swimming in these oceans I got caught up in some nets
Am I perfect, no, close to it, yes

If you ever knew me you know that’s spot on
Write my sins in sand and my virtue in stone
Surrounded by people but I’m all alone
Small child in me just wants to go home

11 times out of 10 if my phone rings
Somebody on the other end asking for things
Somebody need some money
Patna need advice
Girl wanna f*** me
Promoter want a price

So here I am at night
Gifted and cursed
Want to connect but hurting you hurts
Taking medicine for melancholy but none of it works
Laying in sage clouds this is my church

Counting friends, exes, and family
Who swore they life to me but actually
Could now give a damn
Where I am or how I am
And i am
how they got
where they stand
Well I’ll be damned
Maybe I’m damned
successful in an ivory tower
detached from the source that gave me all this power