Your laptop is a booger monster


I want to share this. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc at most 40mins a day. That’s not me sitting in front of these platforms for 40mins in one sitting, no- I mean in the entire day my time can be divided up to 40mins on social media. I don’t have millions of followers or views, but I have more moolydooly and influence than a lot of people who do. I only mention that because that is my understanding of the goal of the people who work so hard to garner those views and “friends” and “likes”. And if a person’s message is dookey in a bag or a gang of selfies in the mirror (stay tuned to my open letter to pretty girls on instagram…) a million followers just means a million people are as pointless as them.

Me and people with as much or more “success” than me are not on these platforms all day. We hire other people or use tech tools that disseminate content over the course of days and weeks to simulate actually being online. For example, I personally load in a sleuth of content at the top of the week and it is spread out throughout the month.

I digress, this isn’t my point.

My point is that I’m concerned about the countless hours we spend on these platforms. Most of us don’t consider ourselves authors, but if you put together all your tweets and Facebook posts you’ve probably written a book! So write a book! You’ve probably taken enough pictures to start an archive focused on a particular subject. So start an archive focused on a particular subject!

This is a love note. Let’s look down the road… Cause I bet in 1984 in a ghetto alleyway two dudes sat down on a bench and thought they’d try this new thing called CRACK that was all the craze. The rest is history…

What will it mean for us 20 years from now when it is institutionalized in our culture that we upload every thought and experience we have up to a digital mainframe? Better yet, when it is common (it already is) that a post or group you start on Facebook is considered a social action.

I know its fun, I enjoy it too! But unplug when you can ya’ll (and you always can).


Ise Lyfe is a Spoken Word Hip-Hop Theater Artist, author and educator.  As a nationally renowned artist, justice advocate, businessman, and social architect from Oakland, CA- this young man has a decade of experience in performance and education that includes HBO Def Poetry Jam and residencies and lectures at over 300 universities including Yale and Princeton. Ise Lyfe is simply a unique and powerful asset to the artistic and human rights world.*In 2012, Ise Lyfe’s hometown of Oakland, CA awarded him with one of it’s highest honors by dedicating his birthday, December 28th, as ’Ise Lyfe Day’ in the City of Oakland.